photo by: Janis Schulze

Dear people from ADA Gran Canaria, dear foster-family of Nava

you already know that i want to adopt the lovely Nava. My personal check from the animal-protection-association in Germany was really good, so i was surprised, disapointed and mostly very sad, because i have already fallen in love with Nava, and additional to this she fits perfect in my (and my dogs) life. I can understand your concerns about the „vanlife“, but in my case its probably not as you think.

It was always my target to combine work&travel&dogs, my own decision to have more freedom for all of us. I’m working as an (animal-)photographer for many many years now and my clients are all over the country, even in some other european countries, so i have to travel a lot. With my way of life now, my dogs can join me on every job, they have a wonderful life and are really enjoing it.

I moved from house to van 5 years ago and it was the right decision for all of us! At this time i had 4 dogs, but my Akbash-female Jule passed away 3 years ago with the age of 14, and my sheperd-mix Murphy died one year later with the age of 13 years and 10 month. They are all former shelter-dogs, the Akbash and my hunting-dog Lilla had both agression-issues with people (that was the reason why they ended up in the shelter), but i adopted them, trained a lot and took care of them all their life.

They were all young when i adopted them (Murphy 1 year, Jule 2,5 years, Lilla 3,5 years, Hexe (my Malinois-mix) 2 years), so you can see i keep my dogs and never give up, even if they have a lot of problems (aggression, hunting and more).

Following i show you some pictures (some are older with all four dogs, most are new) and videos, so you can have a look into my dogs‘ life (they are 95% of their life without collar/harness/leash)!
Additional to this, I asked some people i know (and who know me and my dogs) to write something about „being a dog in Tims life“, and at the end of the gallery are some of their answers. I can send you the uncensored versions with full name and with phone-numbers that you can verify them if you want. The mails are in German language, but I’m sure the lovely people from ADA in Germany will explain the content, or feel free to use Google-translate. Please enjoy 😉

Lilla and Hexe might be old, but they are still going crazy!
very patient, even with an „annoying“ puppy
experience adventures
not amused about very young puppies, but still cool
still running wild with the young ones
meeting straydogs in Portugal
foreign cows are a bit scary, but only a bit

Using the gallery: With „mouseover“ on every pic you can read a text/explanation about it.
On mobilephones please click on the first pic and use the right arrow to go further, than you can see a description below each pic.

Thanks for reading and watching, I’m pretty sure now you can see that a dogs‘ life with me is a wonderful life of fun, freedom, social support, safety and relaxing.

I look forward to your answer, everything is prepared. Hexe and Lilla are waiting for Nava 🙂
Muchas gracias!

Tim Haltermann
+49 (0)1516 275 9898

photo by: Janis Schulze